Darkness of Pluto (Novella – Part 3)

His soul robbed of goodness when he killed the rich man, he builds himself a palace of shame in the underworld. A place where he could use his richness and try to forget the wrong, he did. Few times would he interact with other people but after so long, people started to recognize him as something like royalty and evilness.

Then one day, he saw a maiden. A girl named Proserpina who had the utmost beauty that could only remind such a man as Pluto of his flawless wife that he had lost. Pluto knew that one step inside his palace and the girl would know he wasn’t a good man. You could simply feel the shame in the atmosphere of his castle.

Yet, he was so desperate, he wondered if just maybe, maybe if he could force her there, she would realize that he could be a good man. That he could love her with much care. He decided he would finally meet her and whether she accepted to come with him or not, he would take her to his palace and would only hope for her to love it and wish to stay.

So, he took his chariot for a ride, leaving his new homes and rode through the new lands and underground, planning for a dramatic introduction. As the beautiful Proserpina pulled out a plant, he came through the hole with his rich and majestic chariot, the eyes of the horses gleaming with the underworld.

He rubbed his eyes as he reached the sunlight, as it had been a very long time since he’d come face to face with the glory of the sun. The sun’s brightness was nothing compared to the beauty of Proserpina and he was instantly overtaken with desperateness.

Proserpina, on the other hand, was shocked as his intense gaze fell upon her. She’d never seen such a fetching man before. He was tall, attractive and his eyes were a dark gleam beneath his eye-lashes. Yet, his gloomy eyes were cold and mysterious. She felt intrigued but afraid just the same.

“Do not be afraid,” said he, with the best cheerful smile that he knew how to put on. “Come! Will you like to ride away with me, in my beautiful chariot?”

As the beautiful woman hesitated, Pluto could not help but sweep her off her feet, set her in the chariot made from the most unbelievable jewels and gold. He wanted nothing more than to please her, and he continued talking to her gently, doing his best to comfort her and get rid of her fear so that she could see the real beauty in him. He felt as he looked into her sparkling, fearful eyes that this was the last chance he’d ever get at love. This was all he had left and if she left him, that he would be forever lost in darkness…

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