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A Small World After All

I have a mission for you, and you gotta do this mission before you read the rest of this post. It’ll only take about a minute of your time, and then come back to reading this. I want you to run outside and lie straight down on the ground. That’s right. Lie down on the ground.

If someone looks at you weird, oh well. Just tell them I told you to do it. Now come back. Guess what you just did? You just put the weight of the world on your shoulders. The planet Earth was your backpack for those few seconds that you were lying on the ground. Cool, right?

We have a huge planet with an estimated population of 7.7 billion, and that’s not even counting all the crazy creatures prowling the woods, splashing through the oceans, and gliding the skies.

With a lot of faith, I am able to say, there is so much to see. There are the big places we all hear of like London, Paris, or New York’s Niagara Falls. Or even just New York City. The average human being, when they think of traveling, will instantly think of the usual destinations, similar to what I just named. There’s so much more than that though; smaller places that are underestimated and that we may never hear of in all our living life.

For example, my friend and I were making a bucket-list of all the wonderful places we wanted to visit, if there was a possible chance we could. She showed me some amazing destinations that I would not have imagined possible to see. Like, a lake packed with jelly-fish that you can swim with, and mind you, they don’t sting. Doesn’t that just make you totally “jelly-ous?” Haha, didn’t you just love my pun?

Or maybe that’s not your thing. The jelly-fish I mean, not the pun. Nice try. So, would you rather walk the clouds? In Bolivia, there’s this reflecting Salt Lake. It looks like something you’d see in a movie or a dream. It’ll make you “reflect” upon your life. Okay, maybe that pun wasn’t so good. I apologize. Forgive me.

Now, I know there’s that song, that every persons heard of at least once: “It’s a small world after all…” Yeah? Heard of it? Well, don’t think of that as a negative thing. If it’s a “small world,” doesn’t that mean you have more of a chance to see everything there is to see? If its so small, challenge yourself to see something new. Challenge yourself to explore the world.

Even if you’re not a huge traveler, you can still try. Every state has something to see. Every country has its place. Even your backyard might have something to see! I know some amazing photographers who take most of their photo shoots in their backyard, and its amazing what they come up with.

Our world is brilliant! Truly stunning. And it doesn’t belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone. There might be certain people in charge of states, or countries, but there is nobody, and I mean nobody, on this entire planet, that owns the world. So, get out there. See the world! Adventure the planet that you live on. Travel this ginormous, or tiny place, (however you want to see it) that belongs to you.

Each human being on this planet was placed here. You were born on this planet. Of all the planets there is in the galaxy, you were sent to this one. Take the time to discover it.

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