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Darkness of Pluto (Novella – Part 2)

Pluto pushed away the memories of the man, covered in fine jewelry and wealthy clothing, dead at his feet. He couldn’t think about that now, not now that he had a chance to keep the love of his life alive and well. With the medicine in hand, he pushes open the door to his bedroom, where his wife lied in bed.

“Hello, Pluto,” his wife’s gentle voice says, “How was work?”

“It was well,” Pluto replies vaguely and then asks, “How are you?”

“I’ve been better. I let the time pass by thinking of names for our daughter. I was thinking that I could use the name Proserpina,” his wife says with a soft smile.

“That’s wonderful,” Pluto says, forcing a smile back.

“Oh? What is that?” his wife asks, noticing the vial in Pluto’s hand.

“I-I brought you medicine,” Pluto replies.

His wife pauses a moment. “How did you come to afford it? It is very expensive, is it not?”

“It-it was, my love, but I got it. Now drink,” Pluto says, his fingers slightly trembling.

“No. Not until you tell me how you got it. I planned on telling you tonight, my father is coming late tonight with money to help us. He is a kind man and very wealthy, only, you’ve never met him since he lives very far away,” his wife explains.

“Your father?” Pluto repeats.

“Yes. My father. Now, how did you get the medicine? If you stole it, I refuse to drink it. My father would not be pleased. You may return it.”

“I didn’t steal it,” Pluto says, swallowing.

His wife doesn’t reply. She sits still, waiting for Pluto to explain.

“What did your father look like?” Pluto asks abruptly.

His wife pauses another moment, a little startled. Then she explains, “Well, I’m sure he’s aged but he has light blonde hair…but I know he was beginning to lose a lot of it….and I know he has green eyes…”

Pluto stumbles back as the lifeless, staring green eyes of the rich man echo through Pluto’s mind. The man he had killed.

“Pluto, what is wrong?” his wife asks.

Tears spring to Pluto’s dark eyes. “I’m so sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I did what I thought was right. I killed a man. I killed your father to buy this medicine.”

His wife gasps, “You thought that was right? Oh, Pluto, my love!”

“Please,” Pluto begs, “Please, forgive me! I just want you alive and well. I had no idea it was your father!”

Holding back tears, his wife replies, “My father or not, I refuse to drink the blood of a dead man.”

Then, just like that, Pluto could not change the stubborn mind of his wife and hours later in the night, she died along with her unborn daughter. Pluto sobbed apologizes to his dead wife through the whole night, but he knew she wouldn’t forgive him, nor would he forgive himself.

After that, only a week later, Pluto was numb with grief and he’d keep the memories of the murder and his lost wife at bay. He was desperate for company but knew no one could ever forgive or love him for the sins he had done. Now rich and alone, Pluto decided to move to a new home.

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